Editing Services

Copyediting and line editing are my most popular services. My clients are often researchers and subject matter experts: they are confident in the substance of their work but want to make sure their language and logic make sense to their readers. I also copyedit novels and creative nonfiction—work that is especially satisfying to me since I’m also a fiction writer.
There are a few differences between a copyedit and a line edit. In a copyedit, I correct errors in grammar, punctuation, and spelling, and I look for stylistic consistency. (For instance, I make sure that your journal article doesn’t use “semiannual” on p. 2 and “semi-annual” on p. 17, or that Chapter 3 of your novel doesn’t shift from past to present tense halfway through.)
In a line edit (also sometimes referred to as a substantive edit), I do all of that and also make sure that the text flows well and the ideas are clearly conveyed at the sentence and paragraph level. This means I might rewrite some sentences, move paragraphs around, and add or rephrase text to create stronger connections between ideas. If you reread your work and think, “There must be some better way to say this,” then you probably need a line edit.
Not immediately sure which one you need? Most people aren’t. Don’t worry, I charge the same hourly rate for copyediting and line editing. Please feel free to contact me and I will make sure my editing is tailored to your needs.
More Details:
My current rate for all editing work is $45/hour, which is in the low to middle range of the guidelines provided by the Editorial Freelancers’ Association. Depending on the project, my editing speed ranges from about 1,000 words per hour (e.g., an academic journal article involving heavy line editing) to upwards of 2,000 (e.g., copyediting a fairly clean novel manuscript). I can often review a document and give a ballpark estimate of time and cost, and I’m glad to do this as part of my free initial consultation. I usually edit in Microsoft Word using the Track Changes and Comments tools, although I can work in a few different programs if necessary.

Stephanie has helped me to polish numerous academic manuscripts. Her quality is unparalleled. I am especially impressed with her work ethic. She is always punctual, and she is very accommodating of my deadlines. In each job, she exceeds my expectations in all respects. It is a great pleasure working with Stephanie, and I know I can always count on her to deliver.
—A very thankful professor from Maryland