I hold a BA and an MFA in creative writing, and for a while I was also the organizer of the Denver Writers’ Workshop, an independent, biweekly writers’ group. I’ve spent hundreds of hours in writing workshops, but more importantly, every hour I spent in a workshop was preceded by two or three hours attentively reading and considering my colleagues’ work. All of this has been time well spent — I’ve learned how to give thoughtful, in-depth, and solution-focused critiques. I’m also the current managing editor of StoryQuarterly, an established literary journal, and this work has given me additional insight into what makes a good story tick.

When I critique a full-length manuscript, I deliver at least five pages of feedback addressing key elements such as plot, character, POV, thematics, and language. I also do a light markup of the manuscript to note my reactions as I was reading and to highlight examples of the issues I discuss in my written feedback.

I’ve worked with many different styles and genres of fiction, ranging from fantasy to mystery to sci-fi to literary fiction, and I’ve also done some work with creative nonfiction. As with all of my editing services, I’m always glad to address the writer’s specific concerns or questions about their manuscript. Feel free to contact me to discuss your project.